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$4 Teasers

Coil Wands
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coil colour:

We have taken a 12" bubble wand and added a 4" plastic coil, and topped it with a tassle.  Wonderful toy for the show hall, or for taking pictures of your kitties.

Attention Getters
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We have taken a 15" bubble wand and attached 4" of skipping rope.  To this is added a balloon cup lined with foam, then a ping pong ball is added with kamut inside.  Finished off with a blossom petal, this soft noise will bring your kitties running!  Having tested this with my bengals, it is rather indestructible, even if left unattended!  

A great addition to your toy collection.

Onion Grass Teasers
SKU KM016-gold
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colour of mylar:

To a 19 1/2" Mylar Onion Grass spray we have added a 4" Black or Cream Pipe Bead to make a teaser we are sure your kitty will go wild over. Available in ten colors.

No colour choice on the Pipe Bead

CAUTION: Mylar is not digestible. Consumption can cause severe gastric distress in small animals. 

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SKU CT462-Mixed
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Color of Mylar:

To a 15" Bubble Wand we have secured thirty-five 6" Mylar strands and then put a 1/2" or 1" Pom Bead onto the top of the wand.  This teaser comes with solid color Mylar in Blue, Green, Gold, Pink, Purple and Red or in a mixture of colors.  The Pom Bead on the top may be different from one teaser to the next.
CAUTION: Mylar is not digestible. Consumption can cause severe gastric distress in small animals.

  • Pom Bead Teasers
SKU CT463-Blue
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Color of Pom Beads:

To a 15" clear bubble wand we have secured an 8" piece of mesh ribbon that has a 1" Pom Bead and a 1/2" Pom Bead strung on it.  A super teaser for you and your kitty to have a lot of fun with.  Available in five bright colors.

  • Graduated Sparkle Pom
SKU CT453-Blue
Out of stock
Color of Sparkle Poms:

To a 12" 5mm white flex wand we have secured a white (or white with black stripes) 11" piece of cord to which we have secured a 2" Sparkle Pom to the bottom, then a 1" Sparkle Pom, then a 1/2" Sparkle Pom and to the top we have secured four 1/4" Sparkle Poms.  So they Graduate from large to very small. this one is sure to be a hit with all your kitties.  The cord will be white or white with black stripes, sorry no choice on cord.

  • Twisted Turtle Cat Teasers
SKU CT449-Green
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Color of Twisted Coil:

To a 12" 5mm black flex wand with black vinyl end caps we have secured a neon plastic twisted coil.  To the top of the wand we have placed a 1" Neon Pom Pom with 2 wiggle eyes.  This teaser reminded me of a turtle moving towards the wavy water.  Hence the name. 

Knock on Wood Teaser
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You are going to love the sound that this teaser makes when you swirl it around or close to a table or floor.  The Three Wood Beads "knock" on each other.  This is a 9 5/8" 5mm black flex wand with a black vinyl end cap.  To the top we have secured three 9" pieces of bright colored Parachute Cord in Green, Yellow and Orange.  To each cord piece we have strung a lovely wood Bead and then knotted the cord.

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These Beautiful Ringneck Pheasant Tail Feathers are between 18" - 20" in length and we have added a  3 1/2" Ivory colored plastic handle for ease in playing with your kitty.
 I have never met a cat or kitten yet that doesn't love this teaser!!

Please note that the length of the feather is measured before it is secured into the handle so overall the length of the Cat Teaser will range from 21" - 23" in length.