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$5 Teasers

Natural coloured bunny tails
SKU Natural_coloured_bunny_tails
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We have taken a 12" bubble wand and added a 4" natural looking faux fur ball.  Kitties love the feel and motion of the fur with this teaser. Assorted colours.

Bunny tails with bell
SKU Bunny_tails_with_bell
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We have taken a 3.5" faux fur ball and added it to a 12" bubble wand.  For added attraction we've added a bell. Assorted colours.

SKU KM012 - Pink
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These 10" wands boast a 10" feather boa with a bell attached at the wand.  Very stimulating for your kitty.

Interactive only.

SKU CT560-Gold
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Color of Mylar:

To a 15" Clear Bubble Wand we have secured a lot of 19" long Mylar Strands.  Cat love Mylar because of the sound it makes and the flash of the color.
CAT TEASERS are for interactive play. Please hide them in a drawer your cat can't open when you are not playing with them.
CAUTION: Mylar is not digestible. Consumption can cause severe gastric distress in small animals.

Twin Otter Teasers
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To a 15" clear bubble wand we have secured two 2 1/4" Otter Fur Circles by folding them in half.  One is at the top and the other hangs from an 8 1/2" piece of black parachute cord.  Cats love real fur so we are sure your kitty will love this teaser.  The Otter fur comes from a 30-year-old recycled fur jacket.

SKU CT415-Black
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The spider is a 30mm (1 1/4") Sparkle ball attached to a 12" bubble wand. The spider has wiggle eyes on its black pom head with white feelers. The eyes will be black or may match the sparkle ball color. The spider sports matching 8 legs made of mesh tubing with a bell glued inside each end. A very interesting toy indeed!

Colours are chosen by sparkle ball, not legs!


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SKU CT547-Blue/Silver
Out of stock
Color of Mylar:

We have taken approximately 30 pieces of top grade 10" Mylar Strands and secured them to a 12" 5mm Black Flex wand with black vinyl end cap. This teaser comes in two colors of Fuchsia/Silver or Blue/Silver. The Silver strands are holograph Mylar for a very flashy look. Mylar is a favorite of most cats however it is not to be left alone with your kitty.

CAUTION: Mylar is not digestible. Consumption can cause severe gastric distress in small animals.