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$6 Teasers

Coil Fountain Teasers
SKU CT638-Purple
1 In Stock
Color of Sparkle Pom:

To a 16" bubble wand we have strung twenty 11 1/2" long silver holograph Mylar strips.  To the top of the wand we have secured a 3 1/2" Mini Rubber Coil piece with a 1" sparkle pom on the end.  Flashy and attractive to excite your favorite feline. We only have one of these teasers left in our stock, color is Purple.
CAUTION: Mylar is not digestible. Consumption can cause severe gastric distress in small animals.

  • Kitty Face Feather Teasers
SKU CT551-Blue
1 In Stock
Color of Mesh and Bead:

To a 12" 5mm Black Flex Wand with black vinyl end cap we have secured a 4" piece of mesh cord to which we have strung the cutest plastic bead in the shape of a Kitty Head.  Then we have taken 8" more of the mesh cord and secured it to the top of the wand, at the end of the cord we have secured a beautiful natural feather approximately 8"-9" in length.  The bead makes a sound when you wave the feather around to entice your favorite feline.  Available in four beautiful colors of Blue, Pink, Purple and Orange.
NOTE: The size and shape of the feather may be different from one teaser to the next.