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Groan Hammers

Groan Hammers make a squeaky noise when shaken back and forth.  Used by some judges for an attention grabber, your kitties are sure to take a double look at this strange noise!

They come in assorted handle and 'ear' colours, each with a happy yellow face! 

No colour choice for shipping.

Kitty Cigar Cat Toys
SKU CT065 - #1
Out of stock
Pattern Number:

We have taken a beautiful piece of wild print Velboa material and sewn it into a CIGAR, overall length with pom top is approximately 7".  We have stuffed the "cigar" with some very potent catnip and fiber bill.  Then secured a 1" Blue Sparkle Pom to the tip of the Cigar to represent it lit:)  Your kitty will love this toy. 
NOTE: The pattern will be different from one toy to the next.

Mice w/material tail
5 In Stock

We have taken two pieces of wild print Velboa material and added a material flat or round piece for the tail of these mice.  They have been sewn and stuffed with fibre fill.  These mice have catnip in them.  Some Wiggle eyes give them character.  Sorry no choice in the pattern.

Sisal Octopus
SKU KM015-1
3 In Stock
colour of legs:

4 inches of rubber legs topped with a head of sisal rope, topped with a bell for attraction. Great for throwing in the air and carrying around.

SKU springs

Since springs seem to be a favorite of most cats, we have made a larger one, that doesn't get lost as easily!  They are a hard molded plastic in a variety of colours; 4" in length and 1" wide!  A great toy for carrying and playing fetch.  They bounce and make a great sound skidding across the floor. No colour choice.