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Groan Hammers

Groan Hammers make a squeaky noise when shaken back and forth.  Used by some judges for an attention grabber, your kitties are sure to take a double look at this strange noise!

They come in assorted handle and 'ear' colours, each with a happy yellow face! 

No colour choice for shipping.

Sisal Octopus
SKU KM015-1
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colour of legs:

4 inches of rubber legs topped with a head of sisal rope, topped with a bell for attraction. Great for throwing in the air and carrying around.

SKU springs

Since springs seem to be a favorite of most cats, we have made a larger one, that doesn't get lost as easily!  They are a hard molded plastic in a variety of colours; 4" in length and 1" wide!  A great toy for carrying and playing fetch.  They bounce and make a great sound skidding across the floor. No colour choice.