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ALL ITEMS LISTED ON OUR SPECIALS PAGE ARE PURCHASED IN BULK PACKAGES. Some can be purchased individually on their individual price page.

Neon Wiggler Cat Toys Bulk Pack of 25
SKU CT068-Bulk
8 In Stock

Here is your chance to STOCK UP on one of our most popular toys and get them for 20% off. If you have laminate flooring you won't believe how fast the Wiggler can be batted across it. This is a 6" coiled neon plastic piece with a 1" (25mm) sparkle pom on each end. Available in 6 colors. Please Note: The Yellow may have White, Red or Goldenrod balls. Did you know that cats can see the color YELLOW!!

The New Bulk 25 Pack should give you 4 of each of the 6 color plus one extra as long as we have all the colors in stock. If we don't have all the colors in stock you will still get a nice variety of the colors we have

Lily Bug Teasers BULK PACK of 10
3 In Stock

The "Bug" is a 30mm (1 1/4") Sparkle ball attached to a 12" white flex wand by approximately 12" of "Tuf-Line" this is a premium braided fishing line 10 times stronger than steel! The finished length of the line will be approximately 8 1/2" - 9 1/2". The bug has wiggle eyes on its black pom head with white feelers. The eyes will be black or may match the sparkle ball color. The bugs underbelly has a small round magnet attached to it to give it weight so that you can "bounce" it in front of your favorite kitty. The Lily Bug is one of the first toys we made and to date is still one of our most popular.

YOU ARE BUYING 10 FOR $40.00  You will receive one of each color as this "Bug" comes in Gold as well as the 9 colors shown in the picture.  OUR REGULAR PRICE IS $5.00 EACH. You can purchase this item individually on our $5 Teasers Page.

11 In Stock

We have taken an Beautiful Pheasant Tail Feather and secured it into a 3 1/2" Plastic Cream Handle to make a teaser that you and your kitty will love.  The overall length including the cream handle is 20" or more.

YOU ARE BUYING 10 FOR $30.00.  OUR REGULAR PRICE IS $4.00 EACH. You can purchase this item individually on our $4 Teasers Page.