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Teasers Under $3

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A wonderful little 10" wand teaser that's all about getting attention!  3" of tough plastic streamer makes a great sound that will have all eyes on you!  "Wand and plastic are complimentary colours.  No colour choice with this teaser.

Curly Tail Feather Teaser
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colour of feathers:

We have taken a 9" coloured balloon wand and added a whimsical, curly, tail feather.  Adding a matching coloured butterfly to finish this off completes the look of fantasy.  A mini sparkle pom softens the end of the wand.


warning these feathers are dyed and may leave unwanted colour on light coated kitties.

Fancy Tail Feather Teasers
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colour of feather:

We have taken a 12" white balloon wand and topped it with a fancy painted tail feather.  It's been secured with a wooden bead, then added a skewer to the inside for strength.  

warning these feathers have been painted and dyed so may transfer some colouring to light coated kitties!

To the top of a 12" white balloon stick we have placed a 1" Sparkle Pom to which we have inserted a shiny two color Foil Pick. A great little teaser for Breeders to add to their Kitten Packs. Choose your teaser by the color of the sparkle pom.  

CAUTION: Mylar is not digestible. Consumption can cause severe gastric distress in small animals.


double feather teasers
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We have taken two 5"-7" Natural Feathers and secured them to a 12" White Balloon Stick then secured the join with a wooden bead. This inexpensive teaser is sure to delight your favorite feline. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Color, Pattern and Size of the two feathers will be different from one teaser to the next.