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Dear Lillian, We received the box the day after you shipped it. The cats and I are thrilled. The cats have been playing themselves nigh unto exhaustion. It is wonderful. I was hoping to get a picture of them playing, but it isn’t to be.  So, here is a picture of them after the play. With thanks for the wonderful service. Cheers … Nancy Matheson (New Westminster, B.C. Canada)

Hey Lillian...just got the cat teasers!! As you can see...Jazz our so happy!  Thanks so much for the prompt delivery! Cathy Markey (Milwaukee, WI)

Hello Lillian… I met you at the Pet Lover’s Show on the weekend. I was there both days with the golden retrievers. :-)
I bought a toy from you on Saturday for my 16 year old senior kitty and she went crazy playing with it. She has played with it every day. Just caught her lying on it a few minutes ago, protecting it from my other cat. It has traveled throughout the family room as she throws it in the air and catches it and kicks it around some. It’s fun to see her so excited to play with something again. Thank you.
I also bought another toy from you on Sunday for my grade one student, who is a non-verbal autistic student. He went to it immediately and he LOVED it. It was quiet for the classroom and he was able to pull it (it was one of the slinky ones) and shake it. He wanted to play with it all day. Thank you!!! I may need to contact you for more of those for my little student. Thanks again, Kristy Sveinson (and my little cat - Sasha) (Abbotsford, B.C. Canada)


















Thank you.  Our cat a Tweety is obsessed with your teasers.
Randall Sumter (McAlester OK USA)

Hi, Just wanted to send some pics of our new kitty ROMEO just loving your cat toys and teasers ! Thanks Jessica Mendoza (Columbus NC USA)

Dear Lillian, Just got the cat teasers that I ordered. Jazz..our Tortie..just loves it!!!♥ I ordered 4 so we can share with our grandkittens. We purchased one at the Cat Show in Wisconsin last year. We should have bought 10. These are fantastic! Thanks again..from Jazz..our Tortie. And Abby our Calico. Cathy Markey (Milwaukee WI USA)

Good Morning and Thank you for the super fast delivery. Received the items yesterday. My cats just love your mylar cat wands. Roberta Reese (Tucson, AZ USA)

Hi Lillian - I got my stud pants and they are awesome!! I am very pleased, just ordered another pair, Thank you!! This is my young stud Nelson who is very pleased to be joining us in the home again- thanks to his new pants:)  Dekoel Smith (Nanton, Alberta, Canada)

One of my cats, who passed in October, decided that the long furry teaser that you sent, was her baby and would walk around the house with it and talk to it all nite long. She would tuck it up under her and protect it. Your products (that one in particular) brought her a lot of joy in her later years. I took a video of her with it and it always makes me smile. Your products have made many kitties VERY happy. Thank you! Carlita Powell (Florida, USA)

Hi Lillian, I have been meaning to write and advise you that your parcel was received in good order - my Koschei is over the moon that his most favourite toy "spider" has come back to life again!! One very happy cat!! Thanks for your service and speedy delivery. Cheers, Mariana Podgorski (Australia)

Hello there, Here are a bunch of pictures of our cat Buddy playing, take your pick or use them all if you'd like for your testimonials on catteasersandmore.  Thank you again! Puneet Singh (New York, NY USA)

Hi Lillian, Just a quick note to say everything arrived safely. I let one of my girls 'help' me unpack the kitten pack teasers so she could test out some of the new ones we got this time. All got 4 paws up - as expected of course! Only makes it harder for me to choose the next lot when they're all winners:) Regards, Amanda Herde (Australia)

Hi Lillian, We received the cat teasers yesterday and our feisty, active cat is LOVING them! Thank you for such a good-quality product - I will be telling everyhone about these. Regards, Lynda Stephens (Ontario, Canada)

We got the order yesterday with my Jacks favorite Jester Teasers and he was so happy he played fetch for over an hour:-) I put the other one away for the next time he needs a replacement. I'll be sure to share your cards with my cat show friends. You have many of the toys we can buy from shows but not all vendors have such a nice variety. I'm also glad the teaser has a shorter wand, much easier for him to bring it back. Thanks, Linda (MN, USA)

Hi Lillian, this is a picture of my 14 year old Manx cat, Nibbs.   I am trying to send you pictures from under the Christmas Tree on the catnip Pillow.  Here he is :) He never moved once.  Thank you again, for the wonderful surprise for him. Regards, Judy Easy (Huntington/Sumas Border Crossing, B.C. Canada)

Lucky's toys arrived and he LOVES the teaser with the little furballs at the end. No bell, but he loves to play with it. The one WITH the bell on it and the furtail works real well to get him out from underneath the bed. I hope you do well with your website, you certainly helped me. I needed a teaser with a bell so bad. I couldn't find it anywhere! It's the only way I get my cat Lucky from under the bed! Hope you are enjoying your summer as well, and I will refer everyone I can with a cat to your site if possible. A milion thanks. Sincerely, Linda Lucibello (New Jersey, USA)

Dear Lillian, Once again I send thanks to you for the kitty teaser's. I just received them...the mylar and the orange pom-pom balls...Bonnie and Clyde think they're the cats' meow! Lovely doing business with you! Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2014! Sincerely Judy R from (San Diego, California, USA)

Hello Lillian! My order of cat teasers arrived today and I am delighted with them. They are so cute they make me giggle and I'm considering keeping them myself! Thank you so much! Much Peace, love and laughter be yours this holiday season, Darlene Fitterer (Wilsonville, Oregon, USA)

Hello, Lillian! I met my first mink tail when I was showing cats, and it still survives today, although in my mom's household! I needed one of my own, found you, and my mink tails arrived today! I thought you might enjoy a picture of Summer, who is IN LOVE with her mink tail and hasn't stopped playing with it since I gave it to her! Thank you so much - I love the personal touches in my wrapping and note! I have already told literally 10 of my kitty-lover friends, and I'm sure more than one will be ordering in the near future! Melissa Johnson and her pack of happy kitties! Happy in (New River, Arizona, USA)

My daughter gave me the cat teasers gift box she won and they are such quality toys ! My cats love them. My daughter is stefanie and she volunteers at the cat shelter. Tx. Charisse (North Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

Hello Lillian, I am sure that any color will be perfect. I have purchased from you in the past & my cats love your teasers and toys. I am a volunteer for the local Humane Society & we partner with many stores to aide in pet adoptions. Being a volunteer, I like to get "special" toys for the babies in our care at the stores. Many store prices are too high to continuously make purchases (which I give away to new "parents") so I am really grateful for your "multiples" prices, clearance items & especially, the quality of everything I have purchased from your store. Since I have been unemployed for a considerable length of time, every penny must count. You make it a pleasure to give these Kritters a little joy. Thanks again, C. Powell (Spring Hill, Florida, USA)

Hi Lillian--I just have my one cat Sophie, and she didn't play with her new teasers until last night once I got home from work. She loves them, and reacts differently to each one. She really likes the short wand with the copper strands and the short one with the bunch of gold Mylar. Her next favorite is the ribbon wand, that seems to have a hypnotic effect on her in between pounces. Thanks for the well-made teasers! George Chialtas (Burbank, California, USA)

I just received my cat teaser Christmas order...Bonnie and Clyde will be enormously pleased as their other one is on its last legs, so to speak!! I want to say thank you for the time, care, and love you have put into your product! i am thoroughly impressed... you still show integrity in a world that covets junk-products. Then, I saw you had PERSONALLY signed my purchase order with "THANK YOU"... HAND WRITTEN, "LIVE," REAL... I had to tell you how much it meant to me to be treated like a valued customer... knowledge of your fabulous, personal business will be spread "word-of-mouth" by me! I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas season, and hope this new year coming will be "kind" to your business! Your integrity shines through; you will keep clients because of that! Best wishes from a now-returning client! Judy Roden and "the kids," Bonnie & Clyde (California, USA)

My cat is off & running with her new toys. Big success! Thank you so much. Lisa Lichtenstein (California, USA)

Thank you. The stuff arrived yesterday and the cats loved their gifts. My one loved the mink ones and the other loved the snake and feather and grabbed the balls, so each took 3 which is what I had thought they would do. Thank you again. You are so great to work with. Linda Brockman (Arizona, USA)

Hello, Yesterday I received my order and I just wanted to say thank you! I've boughten so many different cat toys to try and get my cat to play, and nothing has interested her enough to really get excited and exercise. Ordering from your store was sort of a last attempt for me, and not only have the toys I picked gotten her playing, she's begged! I've never been able to get her to play more than a few minutes and last night we must of had her active for and hour and half straight! I had to place another order right away, thank you for making such great toys. Melissa Meadows (MINNESOTA, USA)

Thank you so much for the rabbit fur cat teaser. Our 2 cats, KCJo and Scooter both love it. KCJo is hard to please when it comes to toys. She did not want to stop playing to eat dinner tonight. She is loving teasing Scooter with it. I know they will get many hours of fun with it. Thank you again, Sandi Camp (NORTH CAROLINA, USA)


Hi Lillian, Well I took your teasers to the show yesterday and they caused a riot! Can you quote me on shipping for the undermentioned please? Tks. Regards, Brenda (SOUTH AFRICA)

Lillian, Thanks again for the great toys for our annual gift. They were a hit and so well made. Alex loves his sample toy you sent and the red white and blue one too. So they are definitely cat approved. I hope to have a new kitten this year so we shall see how that goes. Will let you know if we need your help next awards season! Elizabeth Hamill (CALIFORNIA, USA)

Hi Lillian, Thank you the order arrived today, and WOW! The new teasers are great! Some very happy kitties here tonight. I really enjoy the ever-changing styles and so do the cats. Thanks again, Regards, Amanda Herde, Registered Specialist Breeder of the Captivating Ocicat (AUSTRALIA)

I have ordered from Lillian before, her cat teasers are great! Thumbs up Melody, BoydsBengals (GEORGIA, U.S.A.)

Dear Lillian, The good has arrived yesterday (02.23.2012). It took only 10 days, how amazing!! As I was away form home yesterday, I just finished checking the items, and its numbers. There were no missing parts at all! I am very appreciative of your prompted and accurate service you provide for me. I ordered Mini Mink Teasers, Copper Top Teasers, and Long Father Teasers. I am telling you that my cats are crazy for them. They just love them. I am very happy with your products; I hope my cats will not break them too soon. I will let you tell what other people will think about their goods, I will bring them to our cats show on March 24th. Thank you again for your kind assistance. Best regards Tomoko Vanroosebeke (JAPAN)

Hi Lillian,Thank you so much for letting me know. My cats love the fur toys and I am so glad I found the website. Thanks again, Sandy (NEW YORK, U.S.A.)

Hi Lillian, Mum advised that the teasers have arrived already. I haven't seen them yet, but she said that they are excellent. Thank you again. Kind Regards, Cathy Lynch, Pampered Cats Playgound. (AUSTRALIA)

Thank you! I was happy to have a new website where I could find new toys for my kitties. Can’t wait until they arrive. Thanks again! Shirley (MARYLAND, U.S.A.)

This is Abby, she was rescued and adopted in August 2010. The BIOT Feather Teaser is her favorite, as you can see. Photo courtesy of her new owner Lynn, (Kelowna, B.C.)